ECSTATIC believes jewellery is a platform for self-expression allowing an individual to unleash a true character to the outside world.

Following her move to Australia, Elena Dang, a Russian born self-taught, independent designer, was inspired by Melbourne’s subversive techno culture and art scene. With a vision to combine her passion for the techno community and love for art, she created a line of bold, intricate, streetwear jewellery.

The core of ECSTATIC designs takes its roots from the modern 3D cyberpunk chrome animation world and futuristic metaverse 3D fashion; each piece with character at its centre. 

ECSTATIC believes the pieces you love the most and express who you are should stand the test of time. Our team has undergone extensive research and partnered with metallurgy surface engineers to craft our unique pieces from 316L surgical steel, which is hypo-allergenic, low carbon, and intergranular corrosion resistant. The result is pieces that won’t tarnish over time and are designed to last for decades.

Having travelled the world, the team at ECSTATIC greatly appreciates our planet and feels it is all of our duty to give back. Sustainability is at the heart of their operations therefore all ECSTATIC products and packaging are made of only sustainable, recycled materials.

Through Elena’s bold and innovative vision, ECSTATIC’s pieces celebrate art, and allow music to inspire style the way it should.