Sustainability and fashion

Unfortunately it is impossible to be one hundred percent sustainable when it comes to fashion. The use of water and electricity to produce merchandise takes its toll on the environment. In addition to that, clothes leaves microfibres after the wash and most of it ends up in the ocean. Therefore, it is our responsibility as a brand to minimise the impact as much as possible and take great care when it comes to production practices. In addition to that, we take great pride in the quality of our products, because It is extremely important that a piece lasts a long time, as this helps to minimise the impact on our environment. It might be tempting to buy a cheap product, but unfortunately the price is subsidised by our planet, as cheap products induce more wastage of resources and materials. Cheap products break fast and therefore consumed in higher quantities.

Life is not always easy and it is understandable that for the most people taking care after our environment is not on the top priorities list. However, it is more and more evident that if we do not act now, the negative impact from our actions will directly impact our livelihood and will make our planet simply uninhabitable. Just take bushfires for instance which went on a rampage this year, destroying lives and homes of many people, and this will only keep getting worse if we remain ignorant. Please take care after yourself, but also take care of our planet.

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