We can stop the spread together!

The outbreak in Victoria is getting out of hand, and although other states seem to be holding the situation under control, there is still a high risk that the situation can go South and things can get really nasty. We truly believe that it is the responsibility of everyone to do everything in your power that can help stop the spread of Covid-19, so every little input matters and we have to take on this battle together!

Therefore, here is our little input. Ecstatic team has decided to launch our own unique custom designed Ecstatic Face Masks! From every single mask sold, $5 will be donated to Australian Red Cross to help people in need affected by Covid-19.

Let’s also not forget about these who are struggling with mental illness and particularly depression. In this challenging time, suicide rate in Australia is on the rise and people need help now more than ever before! If you want to help, you can donate to Suicide Prevention Australia.

Please remember, we are in this together, so it is up to you whether we win this battle or succumb to our enemy!